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Down to earth sauna operator. Culture, Ceremonies, presentations & guiding.


Sauna guide service

Sauna guide service. Our sauna culture specialists are ready to share their passion.


Sauna Meditation in the Sauna Temple

Sauna Meditation in SaunatemppeliClose your eyes, let your body rest on the sauna benches and come to the monthly sauna meditation session in Saunatemppeli. Every month we enjoy a guided sauna...


Smoke Ritual at the Sauna Temple

Saunatemppeli’s Smoke ritual will take us to mystical space where one can deepen the bathing experience with occasional resin smoke landing into the sauna.


Tampere Sauna Tour

This Saunakonkeli tour takes you directly into the heart of Tampere’s public saunas. Your guides Matti and Juha are well-known finnish sauna experts and Tampere locals with the right insight for...


The Sauna Meditation

Dive into the alchemy of löyly and learn the practice of sauna meditation with Saunakonkeli. The ceremony includes three rounds in the sauna. We begin with a silent meditation to step into the...


The Sauna of Rebirth

The Saunakonkeli’s Sauna of Rebirth -ceremony welcomes you to the depths of the Finnish sauna experience. In this ceremony we prepare a sauna for you to surrender to the power of löyly, open up...


The Sauna Shamans

Experience the ancient power of the sauna with Saunakonkeli’s Sauna Shamans. Set your wishes and invite the Sauna Shamans to build bridges between the mundane and divine.


The Temple Ceremony

The guided sauna ceremony takes you on a deep journey and allows you to close your eyes, take a breath away from the everyday world and relax on the warm sauna bench.Inside the sauna all nature’s...